SD Model
SD Model

SD Model

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Specs for SD Model:

  • 2 piece hard white ash body joined on center
  • "S" style neck pocket rout
  • 25.5" scale
  • Rear control rout drilled for 1 volume, 1 tone
  • Drilled for 7/8" jack
  • Wiring holes drilled
  • Sanded to 150 grit; final sanding will be required

You choose the bridge pickup rout and bridge.

Body will be 6 + lbs.

Body drilled for a vintage "S" style hardtail bridge (2 3/16" string spacing) or Hipshot hardtail bridge, the string ferrule holes will be drilled for 3/8" flush mount string ferrules.

Body drilled and routed for a vintage "S" style tremolo, screw spacing is 2 7/32".

Grain patterns and wood coloration vary. 

Rear control cover is sold separately.

The guitar body is made to order, so body will ship in approximately 4-5 weeks.