Q:  Do you offer additional options for bodies besides what's listed on your website?

A:  I try to keep the options limited to what's available on the website. However, if you are wanting a different option that I don't have listed that is still within the standard specs I offer, this may be something I can do. But you will need to check with me before placing the order.

Q:  I placed an order for a body and would like to make changes to the order. Is that possible?

A:  It shouldn't be a problem to make changes to an order as long as it's within the standard specs I offer. However, if the body is near completion and has already been drilled and routed, changes cannot be made.    

Q: I placed an order and something has come up so I now need to cancel the order for a refund. Is that possible?

A: No. Once an order has been placed, the order is final and cannot be cancelled. I understand that things can happen, but when an order is placed and payment is made, the building process begins. Lumber and materials are selected and cut for each specific order along with parts being ordered. Also, this is not something that I do on the side for some extra cash. This is what I do for a living to support my family. So when an order is placed and payment is made, I'm commissioned to do the build which is something that I'm depending on.    

Q:  Do you accept returns for bodies?

A:  I do accept returns for bodies within 14 days of delivery. The customer is responsible for returned shipping fees. If you would like to return a body, you will need to contact me. The body must be returned in the original packaging and condition it was shipped. Depending on the reason for the return, a 30% restocking fee may apply. Any refunds issued are for the body only. I do not refund shipping fees.

Q: Do you accept returns for set neck kits?

A: I do not accept returns for set neck kits. If for some reason there is a defect with the kit, I will repair or replace the kit.          

Q:  Will my neck fit your body?

A:  Because there are so many different manufacturers, necks can vary. I do not guarantee an exact fit. I rout the neck pockets to standard U.S.A. specs. For guitar bodies, the neck pockets are 2 3/16" x 3" x 5/8". For bass bodies, the necks pockets are 2 1/2" x 3 7/8" x 5/8". Please keep in mind that different factors can affect the fit of the neck. The thickness of the finish on the neck, if there is finish inside the neck pocket, how aggressively the neck was sanded, etc.

Q:  I noticed the edge of the neck pocket is a little wider than my neck. Why is it like this?

A:  Necks can vary in size from sanding, finishes or because of different nut widths. Because of this, I leave a little extra width on the neck pockets. This will allow you to fine tune the outer edge of the neck pocket to make it the exact width of the neck you are using. On vintage T-style guitars, this was referred to as a router's hump. Because these bodies are unfinished and require final sanding, you have the choice of sanding the edge down to match the neck or leaving the router's hump.   

Q:  I see you offer bodies with curly maple tops. Can I choose the top? 

A:  This is not something that I'm able to offer. When I purchase the lumber from my lumber suppliers, I make sure to select the nicest figured maple that they have available. There will always be a nice amount of flame, but don't expect a 5 A grade top. 

Q:  Can I supply lumber for a body?

A:  Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen. The CNC can damage a body. Or sometimes it just comes down to human error and doing something dumb like grabbing the wrong drill bit! It's not very often that something like this happens, but it does and can't be helped. That could potentially mean damaging a piece of lumber that far exceeds the cost of the guitar body. So I only use lumber that I supply. 

Q:  Can you guarantee a specific weight for a body?

A:  I do not guarantee specific weights. I try to keep bodies within a certain weight range. But weight can vary with each body even from the same piece of lumber. I list the weight ranges in the description section for each body. I do my best to keep the weight within the weight ranges provided.